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Completed garden garden tree protection project

Release Time:2019-09-19 10:22Popularity:

         Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and Wuwu District Municipal Garden Department of Wuhan reached a service agreement to provide customized and installation services for the FRP tree pool cover for Wuchang District Garden. In May 2017, the Wuchang District Garden Tree Protection Project was successfully completed.

  Introduction to Tree Scorpion:
  Tree scorpions are also called tree guards, tree pool covers, etc. The areas are different. Usually used for municipal construction or road greening projects. It is a plate-like material with a regular square hole formed by high-temperature fusion of resin and yarn.
  Tree scorpion size:
  The commonly used tree scorpion size is 1m*1m 1.2m*1.2m 1.5m*1.5m, etc. The size of our whole board is 1m*4.03m and 1.22m*3.66m. At the same time, it can also be customized and cut according to customer requirements. The general tree tweezers specification is 40*40*25 (unit mm).
  Tree raft advantage:
  1. Tree scorpion is resistant to corrosion by various chemical media, never rusts, has a long service life and is maintenance-free.
  2. The tree scorpion is light in weight and high in strength, which is easy to cut and install.
  3, tree tweezers can be designed, flexible and diverse in size, dimensional stability.
  4, tree scorpion has a slight elasticity, can reduce fatigue, improve comfort and improve work efficiency.
  5, the color inside and outside the tree scorpion is uniform, the color can be arbitrarily selected. Color can be customized according to customer requirements to improve the production environment.
  6, tree scorpion insulation, no burning, no magnetism.
  7. Tree scorpion has good comprehensive economic benefits.

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