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Sewage plant grille cover installation project

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  Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Futian Wastewater Treatment Plant of Guangdong Province reached a service agreement to provide FRP grating and FRP cover customization and installation services. From December 2016 to May 2017, Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. The company successfully completed the installation of FRP grating and FRP cover of Futian Wastewater Treatment Plant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

  Futian Wastewater Treatment Plant Project is the key pollutant emission reduction project of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in Guangdong Province and the key project of pollution control and cleaning in Shenzhen. As the construction and operation unit of Futian Wastewater Treatment Plant, Shenzhen Water Group always adheres to high starting point planning and high level. Construction, high efficiency management. The Futian Sewage Treatment Plant project adopts a variety of advanced technology processes, adopting multi-stage enhanced denitrification to improve the AAO process, and deep treatment using fiber turntable filter + UV disinfection process. After the treatment, the effluent quality is implemented in the national “Urban Sewage Treatment Plant Pollutant Discharge Standard”. (G B18918-2002) The first-class A standard is discharged into the Shenzhen Bay waters after being discharged into the Xiaosha River. In addition, the Futian Sewage Treatment Plant has also built a sludge treatment system. The sludge dewatering process uses a sludge concentrator + plate and frame filter press. The treated sludge moisture content can reach less than 45%, and the dewatered sludge is re-treated. Shipped to a professional disposal center for disposal.
  In addition to good effluent quality, Futian Sewage Treatment Plant attaches great importance to odor treatment. In all odor-causing places in the whole plant, biological deodorization devices are installed. After treatment, the air reaches the “Emission Standard for Pollutants in Urban Sewage Treatment Plants”. The first-class standard, the biological deodorization technology adopted by the Shenzhen Water Group, has been used in dozens of pumping stations and sewage treatment plants, with reliable technology and excellent results.

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