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Farm FRP grating solution

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  The farm grille is a kind of plate material with many spaces, which is made of glass fiber as reinforcing material and unsaturated polyester resin as matrix. The farm grille can be used as structural material. Used as a floor with corrosive environment, trench cover, platform, ship deck, stairs, plank road, breeding, etc. The farm grille professionally chooses Zhongxin FRP. Ten years of grinding a sword focuses on the R&D, production, sales and construction integration services of FRP composite materials and other new materials. The company's main business: FRP grating, FRP grating cover, FRP gutter grille, FRP cable bracket, FRP fence, FRP pultruded profiles and other FRP products. Let's take a look at the solutions for farm grilles.
  Nowadays, more and more farms choose to use FRP mesh grille for the ground laying during construction. The FRP grating plate has obvious advantages compared with the traditional metal material and wooden plastic grille. Here are some of the benefits of using a FRP molded grille in a farm, and how to choose a FRP grille.

  FRP farm grille advantage
  The FRP farm grille is also a FRP molded grille used in the farm, also known as a FRP grating plate. It is made of composite materials such as unsaturated polyester resin, glass fiber roving and filler powder. With acid and alkali corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength and long service life, the molded grille has the following advantages compared with the traditional grille products:
  1、 Molded grid has excellent corrosion resistance and can effectively resist the corrosion of organic solvents such as acid, alkali and salt and gas and liquid medium. It is different from the metal grid plate, which does not rust under the action of chemical medium; it does not rot and damage due to acid-base corrosion like the wood plastic grid plate. Its internal structure is very Stable, no need to check and maintain frequently, and the cost of use in the future is extremely low;
  2、The FRP molded grid is woven by unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber roving. The density of the product is low. In the case of the same size, the weight of the molded grating is only one quarter of the steel. Two-thirds of aluminum, due to its light weight, can reduce the bottom support structure accordingly. Its installation work is also very simple. In the farm, it only needs to be manually lifted, no need to use large lifting equipment, which reduces the installation cost;
  3、 the molding grid has very flexible plastic properties, we can customize the production of the appropriate size according to their actual needs when purchasing the FRP farm grille, you can choose a single color, you can also choose Use a variety of colors to mix and match;
  4、 the use of FRP molded grille is very safe, the product itself is an insulator, and non-magnetic. The naturally formed concave lunar surface has a certain anti-slip effect, and the sand-paving grid plate has better anti-slip performance;
  5、 We can also produce molded grid plates with strong flame retardant fire resistance by adding flame retardant to the raw materials according to the specific application environment of the farm;
  6、 the grid plate has a slight elasticity, can reduce the fatigue of the staff on the long-term, enhance their comfort, which can improve work efficiency and so on.

  Farm grille model selection
  The FRP grating plate used in the farm is generally selected from 38 models, that is, the grid plate with a thickness of 38 mm. Its pore size is 38×38 mm, and the size of the whole plate is 1.22×2.44 m and 1.22×3. There are three kinds of 66m and 1X4.04m. The specific product size can be customized and cut. The load capacity of the 38-type grille is more than 3.5 tons, which can meet the needs of the farm. The corrosion resistance of the product can be produced according to the specific requirements of the customer.

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