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  In March 2017, Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Water Affairs (Group) Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement. We provide customized and installation services for FRP grating cover for Shenzhen Water (Group).

       Shenzhen Water Affairs (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenzhen Water Group) is a Sino-foreign joint venture jointly operated by Shenzhen State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, GM Capital Investment Co., Ltd. and France Veolia Water. It mainly operates water supply and drainage business and water investment business. , water industry chain business, sludge and wastewater treatment business and river ecological restoration business.
  By the end of 2018, Shenzhen Water Group had total assets of 23.345 billion yuan, net assets of 10.568 billion yuan, and 11,325 employees. It has 86 water plants and 37 water purification plants with a water supply capacity of 9.3035 million tons per day and a sewage treatment capacity of 3,538,800 tons. /Day, it is responsible for 99.86% of Shenzhen's water supply business and 47.14% of sewage treatment business. It has 39 environmental water projects in 22 counties and cities in 7 provinces across the country, providing high quality and efficient water supply and drainage services for over 30 million people.
  As the director unit of the Science and Technology Commission of China Water Association, Shenzhen Water Group has built 10 research platforms including the Ministry of Construction's Safe Drinking Water Engineering Research Center, the National Safe Drinking Water Protection Technology Innovation Base, and the first key laboratory for sludge treatment and disposal in China. The three state-level high-tech enterprises took the lead in undertaking the national “12th Five-Year Plan” and “13th Five-Year Plan” water pollution control major science and technology projects, and possessed 109 patents of various types of patents. They edited or participated in the compilation of national standards and industry standards. 33 local standards.
  Shenzhen Water Group won the “2016 Shenzhen Mayor Quality Award (Grand Prize)” for its long-term excellence in quality practice, and was awarded “2017 National Quality Benchmark” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In 2018, Yantian District was the first to build the nation's first tap water. In the direct drinking demonstration zone, a total of 876 high-quality drinking water-compliant communities were created, benefiting 2.26 million people.
  Shenzhen Water Group actively contributes to the improvement of urban water environment, undertakes the responsibility of Shenzhen river water environment management, and creates a “factory network river” integrated all-factor management model to achieve efficient linkage of sewage treatment and treatment facilities in the whole basin to ensure the full collection of sewage. Collect all processing and processing to meet the standard. Since November 2018, the water quality of the Shenzhen River has reached the V-class water standard, the best level since the monitoring data in 1982.

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