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China Composites Industry Technology Exhibition

Release Time:2019-09-19 10:29Popularity:

  On September 5, 2018, Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the 24th China International Composites Industry Technology Exhibition held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

   Wang Qiu, general manager of our company, Wang Nan, sales manager, and related personnel from the sales department and technical department attended the exhibition and met with new and old customers to deepen cooperation and development.
  Our high-quality products: FRP grating cover, FRP gutter grille, FRP cable bracket, FRP fence, FRP pultruded profiles and other FRP products and other key promotion products and new brochures are present at this exhibition, for FRP products The development direction and product performance characteristics have been vigorously promoted. At the same time, through face-to-face communication, mutual understanding and enhanced communication with customers have provided more opportunities for the next step of development. Through this exhibition, we have a comprehensive understanding of the development status and market conditions of the global composite materials industry, and have further understanding of the development of the FRP market in the future.
        It is reported that "China International Composites Exhibition" is the largest and most influential composite material industry exhibition in China and even in Asia. It ranks among the top three in the world and has become the "wind vane of the composite materials industry".

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