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FRP grille in various sizes

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    The size of the FRP grating is flexible and can be selected in different environments. It has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance and flame retardant insulation properties. The product line of FRP grating is very rich. The specifications of FRP grating are mainly divided into the following types: 25mm, 30mm, 38mm, 50mm according to thickness. For example, 25mm can bear about 1 ton, mostly used to leave. , sewer channel cover; 30mm thick can bear 1-2 tons, can be used in the car wash room; 38mm can bear about 3 tons, mostly used in the car wash sewage treatment plant inspection channel, sedimentation tank cover, electroplating factory cover 50mm thickness can bear about 3-5 tons, mostly used in places with high corrosivity such as chemical plants. FRP grating load capacity can be calculated according to building materials industry standard JC/T1026-2007 glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin carrying grid.  
  FRP grating size specifications are divided into 12*12mm, 19*19mm, 38*38mm, 50*50mm according to the aperture. Divided into 1.22*2.44 meters, 1.22*3.66 meters, 1.22*4.04 meters, 1*3 meters, 1*4 meters. FRP grating material has the advantages of light weight, high strength and convenient cutting, so the size is more flexible. The specific size can be customized in Zhongxin FRP Factory!
  In summary, we have learned that FRP grating products are very rich, flexible in size, can be customized according to different use environment requirements, is the best upgrade of traditional metal grille.

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