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What are the types of FRP gratings on the market?

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    In recent years, the market for FRP gratings has become larger and larger, and different FRP gratings can be used in special environments. In industries such as walkways, platforms, chemical plants, power plants, ships, etc., the purchase of FRP gratings will find that its safety and robustness are superior to other profiles, and the quality of the FRP grating itself is excellent. It is.

So what are the types of FRP gratings?
  1. Groove standard type: It is an economical general-purpose FRP grating plate with a non-slip inner curved surface on the upper surface. It has a wide application range and is commonly used in water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, etc.
  2. Sand-coated type: Add quartz sand to the surface of the FRP grating for protection and protection, especially in wet, oily or frozen environments, such as bridge deck, floor, trench board, car wash Room and so on.
  3. Flat type: FRP grille with smooth surface, mainly used for wall decoration.
  4. Micro-porous type: Micro-porous FRP grating, because of the reduced opening ratio, can reduce the chance of high-altitude dangerous goods falling through the grid hole. It is ideal for use in high-altitude walkways and other areas to prevent heavy objects from falling. This double-layer micro-hole grille is also very suitable for places where the wheels are walking, which can effectively reduce vibration.

  5. Diamond/Sand Cover: The covered FRP grating is used to prevent some small tools or objects from falling through the grille holes; or to block underground odors; and motor vehicle aisles. The surface can be flat, mirror-finished, diamond-shaped non-slip surface, and sand-absorbent.
  Zhongxin has been grinding a sword for ten years, focusing on the R&D, production, sales and construction integration services of FRP composite materials and other new materials. The company's main business: FRP grating, FRP grating cover, FRP gutter grille, FRP cable bracket, FRP fence, FRP pultruded profiles and other FRP products.

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