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FRP grating corrosion resistance

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  Due to the difference in production materials and manufacturing processes, FRP gratings have superior corrosion resistance than ordinary metal grids, which is well known in the industry. FRP gratings are born under the requirements of harsh environments such as chemical corrosion, high temperature, high humidity and heavy load. So what are the factors that affect the corrosion resistance of FRP gratings?
  FRP grating corrosion resistance
  The corrosion resistance of the FRP grating depends mainly on the resin. The less the functional groups in the resin, the less active and the more stable the resin. If the ester group is easily dissolved by alkaline water, the amide group is easily dissolved by acid, C-O and C-N are easily hydrolyzed, and C-H is easily oxidized. These are chemical effects.

  Secondly, it is also related to glass fiber, filler, curing agent and surface treatment agent. In addition to the chemical or physical effects of the glass fiber and the resin, the chemical medium also acts on the interfacial bonding, resulting in the destruction of the properties of the FRP. Therefore, rational material selection and improved resin crosslink density are the key to manufacturing corrosion-resistant FRP. The three factors of temperature, concentration, and resin variety dominate, only on a case-by-case basis. For different resins, the corrosion resistance is: phenolic resin has better solvent resistance, amine cured epoxy resin has better alkali resistance, acid anhydride cured epoxy resin has better acid resistance, and polyester resin has better comprehensive performance. The bisphenol A type polyester has better corrosion resistance than ordinary resin (at 50 degrees Celsius), the vinyl ester based resin is a new type of corrosion resistant resin, and the epoxy resin is better resistant to corrosion (at 50-90 degrees Celsius). The order of solvent resistance is: polyester <phenolic <epoxy <furan. The above situation is comparatively speaking.
  The corrosion resistance of FRP gratings is not static. When appropriate, you still need to do anti-corrosion work for such products. After all, extending the service life will have great significance for their use.
  At present, in all the application fields of materials, the material that can effectively achieve corrosion resistance and the hardness is not only steel, but the more prominent is actually the FRP grating material, which is not what we imagined. A kind of steel, but a new type of material, is a composite material. The stronger the corrosion resistance of the FRP grating, the stronger the resistance to temperature, the stronger the adaptability to the environment, and the stronger the use time.
Grill corrosion resistance table
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