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Electrolytic plant grille walkway board project

Release Time:2019-09-18 15:51Popularity:

  Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Fangchenggang Jinchuan Company reached a service agreement to provide FRP pultrusion grille aisle plate customization and installation services. From September to October 2016, Huizhou Zhongxin Composite Materials Co., Ltd. successfully completed Guangxi Fangchenggang Jinchuan The company's electrolysis plant FRP pultruded grille aisle plate installation service.
  Guangxi Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company controlled by Jinchuan Group (state-owned enterprise) and Singapore Toke Company. It is located in Jinchuan Industrial Park, Qisha Town, Port Area, Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Province. It is a key project of Fangchenggang City's “100 Billion Industry”. First, it covers an area of 9000 mu, including 4,642 mu of land area and 4,358 mu of sea area.
  Guangxi Jinchuan Copper Refining Co., Ltd. adopts advanced and mature “permanent stainless steel cathode” production process, featuring high equipment automation, large production scale, clean and environmental protection, and high-purity cathode copper products with smooth surface and low impurity content. In 2015, the company's cathode copper products passed CQC certification. In December 2016, “JNMC” brand A-grade copper was successfully registered on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. In 2017, it obtained LME certification on the Shanghai Futures Exchange, and in 2017 won the title of Guangxi Famous Brand Product.

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