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FRP Chemical Guardrail

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  Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) guardrail is a kind of composite material. It is made of glass fibre and its products, glass cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc. as reinforcing materials, and synthetic resin as matrix material. However, the assembly methods of FRP guardrail used in the industry are also different. The FRP guardrail of chemical plant/sewage treatment plant is assembled by 50 # circular pipe or 50 # square pipe, and the spacing between columns is generally 1 m-1.2. M, the height of the column is 1m-1.2m, and the column and the cross bar are fixed with elbow, three-way, four-way and base links. The horizontal bar on the drawing is three rows, and there are also two rows, which can be adjusted according to the site requirements.
  Product category
  FRP guardrail products are very rich, common guardrail styles include:
  1, 36 plum tube series: it is composed of 36 plum tube, die elbow, three-way, four-way and base;
  2, 50 pipe series: it is composed of 50 pipe, die elbow, three-way, four-way and base.
  3, 50 square pipe series: it consists of 50 *50 square pipe combination, using plug block as connecting parts;
  4, 50 square pipe handrails series: it is composed of 50 * 50 square pipe, 32 round pipe, handrails material, die-pressed elbow as connecting parts.
  Installation Method
  _FRP guardrail is a FRP product formed by one-time heat fixing. Its installation work is very simple, without welding, the main installation methods are the following two.
  1. Embedded installation: that is, the column is fixed to the ground with cement.
  Fixed installation of the base: Fixed the corresponding column base with expansion bolt at the position where the column needs to be installed, and then the column is fixed on the base.
  Product Advantage
  1、 Compared with traditional metal guardrail, FRP guardrail has obvious advantages. It has excellent corrosion resistance, aging resistance, product is not easy to deform, and its service life can reach about 15 years.
  2、FRP guardrail products have a variety of colors to choose from, and its weight is relatively light, whether cutting or installation work is very convenient. Moreover, the product strength of FRP guardrail is relatively high, and it is difficult to produce deformation or damage even under strong impact.
  3、 FRP guardrail has better anti-theft performance. Because of the special composite material type, FRP guardrail has almost no secondary recovery value, so it indirectly reduces the risk of theft.
  4、 Good safety performance, although the name is FRP guardrail, but the product itself is non-magnetic, belongs to insulator, not conductive.
  FRP guardrail products are widely used, not only in our cities more common. It is also widely used in municipal engineering, transportation, community, port, airport, warehousing and other fields, including staircase fence, platform and aisle fence, pool fence, chemical tank fence, lawn fence, factory fence, high-speed fence, highway fence, municipal fence, power equipment fence, oil field fence and so on.