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FRP Meter Box Insulation Box

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  • 玻璃钢电表箱绝缘箱
  • 玻璃钢电表箱绝缘箱

  SMC unsaturated polyester glass reinforced fiber moulding for insulating box of FRP ammeter box
  I. Composition of the Insulation Box Material for FRP Meter Box
  _is a kind of resin-based composite material used in the manufacture of low-voltage cable branching box. The main components of the box are made of DMC and SMC. This kind of composite material consists of two parts: matrix - polyester resin; reinforcing material (SMC), so it is also called fiber reinforced polyester material. Fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester is a kind of composite material based on unsaturated polyester resin. This material has an insoluble and non-melting three-dimensional network structure. It has become a high-performance engineering material by modifying functional fillers and reinforcing special fibers.
  In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, this kind of material was widely used in electrical field as early as several decades ago.
  Characteristics and Advantages of Box Material
  _1. Good electrical performance
  _Fiber reinforced polyester materials for manufacturing electrical appliances have the following electrical properties:
  _insulation resistance (immersion 24h): 1.0x10 M_
  _arc resistance: 180s
  _Leakage Resistance Marking Index: > 600V
  _Insulation protection and creepage resistance meet the relevant DIN/VDE standards. This material not only has excellent electrical insulation, but also maintains good dielectric properties at high frequencies. It is not subject to electromagnetic effects and does not reflect electromagnetic waves. These properties are far better than those of non-metallic materials.
  _2. Chemical Corrosion Resistance
  _fiber reinforced polyester materials have good corrosion resistance to acid, dilute alkali, salt, organic solvents, seawater and other corrosion characteristics, while metal materials are not acid-resistant, seawater corrosion resistance.
  _3. Light weight and high strength
  _specific strength and specific modulus are one of the indicators to measure the load-carrying capacity of materials. The specific modulus of fiber reinforced polyester materials is similar to that of steel, but its specific strength can reach four times that of steel.
  _4. Good fatigue resistance
  _fiber reinforced polyester is slightly better than steel in tensile strength. The fatigue limit of steel and most metal materials is 40% - 50% of its tensile strength. The fatigue limit of fiber reinforced composites is generally higher than this value, the highest can reach 70% - 80%.
  _5. Notch sensitivity
  _When the component is overloaded and a small amount of fibers are broken, the load is rapidly distributed on the unbroken fibers and reaching the mechanical equilibrium. This is not comparable to metal components.
  _6, low thermal conductivity and small expansion coefficient
  _produces much less thermal stress than metal in the presence of temperature difference.
  7. Excellent anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance
  _Fiber reinforced polyester materials have excellent anti-aging properties in non-metallic materials. The anti-aging test shows that the maximum aging thickness of the surface is less than 50 micron in 20 years, depending on the location and climate zone. The minimum thickness of most boxes is 5 mm, which is less than 1% of the thickness of boxes, so there is no obvious influence on the mechanical properties of boxes. The company has adopted a special anti-ultraviolet surface treatment process, which strengthens its aging resistance.
  _8, long service life
  _European service history can prove that its service life is at least 20 years, and the simulated aging test shows that its service life is more than 20 years, far exceeding that of traditional materials such as metals. Some companies that make pipes from such materials also claim that their service life is 50 years.
  _9, flame retardant, smokeless, non-toxic
  _This material is a kind of flame-retardant material. Its flame-retardant grade is FV0 (the highest grade of non-metallic materials). Under high temperature burning, the smoke emission level is 15 (smoke level 1-100). The smoke is non-toxic and the toxicity level is ZA1 (quasi-safety level 1).
  Because SMC composites belong to thermosetting composites, their recycling value is low, which effectively prevents the case from being stolen. Therefore, the new SMC composite low-voltage distribution box with non-metallic case is specially used for power distribution network in outdoor public places, especially for power supply network terminals such as industrial and mining enterprises, residential areas and high-rise buildings. It has good insulation, environmental protection, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, more than five times longer life than metal materials, and also has sunscreen. It has the characteristics of radiation resistance and heat insulation, and can effectively solve the problem that the low-voltage distribution box with iron shell is easy to be accidentally shocked when installed in the residential area.