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FRP Cable Explosion-proof Box

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  The explosion-proof box of Zhongxin FRP cable has flame retardant characteristics, high mechanical strength and good sealing performance. It can be installed and used independently, and can also be used in conjunction with copper casing.
  The protection box of cable intermediate joint is mainly used in the weakest link of transmission line. Owing to the defect of quality and installation of intermediate joint, or because of damp, overload and other external forces, explosion accidents often occur in cable intermediate joint. The high temperature and instantaneous energy released by the explosion is enough to destroy or burn other cables parallel to it in the cable trench, and even to overturn the well cover and destroy the trench to cause damage to pedestrians. Fiberglass reinforced plastic cable explosion-proof box is used for the intermediate joint of XLPE insulated power cable, which has the function of connection, sealing and mechanical protection. Zhongxin FRP cable explosion-proof box product model, specifications are complete, can be suitable for different manufacturers of products, suitable for the installation of tunnels, ditches and underground direct burial.

  Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) is a kind of high-quality composite material. It has special preventive function to acid, alkali, salt, oil and other corrosive media, and does not rust. Requirements for coastal areas, chemical sites and long-term buried underground. The product performance ensures that the accessory products can run steadily for a long time. Chinese style
  [Product performance] The shell of the product is made of FRP. FRP is an anisotropic material, and its formulation and additives have wide selectivity. According to the working environment and condition of FRP, special flame retardant additives are added to make FRP have good flame retardancy. The main flame retardant parameters should reach: oxygen index 62. 5%. Silicone rubber sealing ring is used to seal the shell in the joint part of the explosion-proof shell to enhance the waterproof performance of the cable intermediate joint; it has strong pressure resistance, and the shell can withstand the strong impact from inside or outside; on the side of the explosion-proof shell, there are energy-draining holes sealed by the silicone rubber sealing plug, and the energy-draining holes are located in the side of the explosion-proof shell. The direction can be adjusted. Once the middle joint of the cable explodes, the sealing plug on the diarrhea hole can quickly open the diarrhea energy, effectively prevent damage to other cables or the surrounding environment, and the flame retardant property of the shell can also ensure that the internal flame extinguishes due to lack of oxygen. A kind of
  [Product characteristics] Laying requirements for 10kv, 35kv, 110KV single-core and three-core cables