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FRP pipe

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  Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) circular pipe has beautiful appearance, flat surface, excellent decoration, corrosion resistance, high tensile curvature, FRP fiber up to 30% (weight percentage). FRP has high mechanical strength, light weight, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, anti-skid, insulation, heat insulation, high strength of steel, and the insulation and waterproof of plastic. It overcomes the shortcomings of poor properties, low strength and short service life of plastics. Zhongxin FRP square pipes are widely used in corrosive areas and open-air environments, such as tent brackets, guardrails, beautifying radomes and so on. It is the best substitute for stainless steel. And can customize the color according to customer needs, improve the site environment, safe, reliable, beautiful and durable. FRP profiles can also be made into a variety of products through combined connections, which are widely used in different fields, such as FRP grilles, walkways, climbing ladders, sports equipment, handles and so on.
  Introduction and Advantage of FRP Pipe

  The application field of FRP pultrusion pipe is FRP pipe formed by resin and other composite materials through pultrusion process. Compared with traditional materials such as steel, aluminium, wood and so on, it hardly needs maintenance costs. FRP profiles are widely used. If you pay attention to them, you can find many FRP profiles around you. Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes are often used in chemical processing plants, buildings, aquaculture, sewage treatment, paper industry and transportation.

  Properties of FRP pipe:
  1. Superior corrosion resistance: Choosing different anti-corrosion linings can achieve different corrosion effects, which can be applied to different fields such as acid, alkali and salt.
  2. Light weight and high strength: high strength, but light weight: easier installation, less labor costs, shorter construction period and lower transportation costs.
  3. Strong conveying capacity: the inner wall of FRP pipe is smooth, and has better circulation capacity than traditional material, which increases the engineering life.
  4. Good waterproofing property: low impervious water rate. Because of the sealing property of FRP profiles and the superiority of pipeline length, the seepage rate of liquid transportation is greatly reduced, and the pollution of soil and water quality caused by liquid medium to seepage is reduced.
  5. Long life and low cost: Due to the long life and corrosion resistance of FRP products, low maintenance cost and low installation and transportation costs. From the overall economic benefit, FRP pipe has the characteristics of long life and low cost.
  6. Insulation: FRP profiles are insulating and can be used in areas where cable protection and conductive hazards occur.
  7. Good thermal performance: adiabatic and flame-proof, which is an ideal material for thermal protection and burning resistance. It can protect aircraft against high-speed airflow Scouring at 2000 degrees C.
  8. Leakage prevention: FRP pultrusion profiles have high density and smooth inner wall, which can be used to transport liquid media. They will not produce leakage during transmission, and reduce water quality and soil pollution caused by leakage.
  To be careful
  In the application and living environment of FRP profiles in special environment, it is generally impossible to have some dangerous goods or corrosive things. However, in some special industries, such as marine exploration, sewage treatment, marine aquaculture, deep-sea aquaculture and other places, many things are corrosive, and they are corrosive to the working environment. The impact of the situation is very great, sometimes threatening the safety of workers, in order to be safer, many times have to stop work for inspection, greatly affecting the duration of the project. So how can we solve this problem? With the development of science and technology, until the appearance of FRP pipe, this problem has been fundamentally solved. With the continuous progress of science and technology, FRP pipe has begun to enter the civil field, its excellent quality will make our life more colorful.