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FRP Rectangular Pipe

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  • 玻璃钢矩形管
  • 玻璃钢矩形管

  Glass fiber reinforced plastic rectangular pipe is made of alkali-free glass fiber and o-phenyl resin, which is formed by continuous pultrusion process. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, good dimensional stability, insulation, non-thermal conductivity, beauty and easy maintenance. Compared with traditional materials such as steel, aluminium and wood, it has almost no maintenance cost. Often used in chemical processing plants, marine construction, food and beverage processing, petroleum smelting, paper industry, sewage treatment and transportation industries and other areas.
  Introduction of FRP Rectangular Pipe
  FRP rectangular pipes can be specially designed and manufactured according to various requirements of customers.
  1. High Strength: Tensile strength of rectangular tube is 150-300 MPa, bending strength is 200-300 MPa.
  2. Deformation-free: The length and width of rectangular tube changed to + 0.03% and - 0.07% after 1000 hours of artificial accelerated aging. Therefore, the geometry and size of square tubes can be maintained stable for a long time.
  3. Linsen FRP is heat-resistant and cold-resistant: the thermal deformation temperature of rectangular pipe is 186 ~C, which does not soften at high temperature and remains brittle at -60 ~C, which ensures the normal use of the rectangular pipe under various environmental temperatures.
  4. Low water absorption: the water absorption of ordinary FRP products is less than 0.5%, while the water absorption of pultruded profiles is only 0.257%, which is suitable for use in humid environment.
  5. Strong corrosion resistance: The hardness retention rate of rectangular tube is 95% after soaking in 3% HCI solution for 24 hours, and 89% after soaking in 3% NaCl solution for 24 hours. Therefore, square tube can be well applied in corrosive environment.
  6. Other excellent performances: impact resistance, maintenance-free, easy to process, anti-slip safety, insulation and insulation, etc.