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  FRP square pipe has high mechanical strength, strong chemical corrosion resistance, excellent fire resistance and flame retardancy, low thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, good temperature resistance, light weight, excellent anti-aging function, long service life, convenient installation and strong planning. Because of a series of excellent characteristics, FRP square pipe is widely used in food, chemical industry, power, dyestuff, steel, smelting, tap water, water, etc. Marine culture and other fields.
  Introduction and Advantage of FRP Square Pipe
  FRP square pipe is one of many dimensions of pultruded FRP profiles. It has uniform colors on the surface and inside, and can be chosen at will. It can customize colors according to customers'requirements and improve the environment of the production site. It has strong planning ability. It can plan FRP square pipes of different sizes according to actual needs. Its sensitive and convenient planning makes it widely used in many fields.
  FRP square pipe advantages:
  1. Installation convenience: The use of FRP square pipes greatly reduces the component weight, thus reducing the component of the support structure. It is not necessary to use lifting equipment when installing the device, which is both economical and convenient.
  2. Safety: In the process of installation and application of FRP square and round pipes, electric sparks will not occur because of bumping, especially suitable for use in flammable and explosive environment.
  3. The production process is fully automated and the production efficiency is high.
  4. Fiber content in FRP square pipes formed by pultrusion can be as high as 80%, dipping under tension can give full play to the role of reinforcing materials, and the product has high strength.
  5. The longitudinal and transverse strength of the product can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the application requirements of different mechanical properties.
  6. There is no corner waste in the production process, and the product does not need post-processing, so it saves labor, raw materials and energy consumption compared with other processes.
  7. The product has stable quality, good repeatability and can be cut off at will.