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FRP trench cover

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  • 玻璃钢地沟盖板
  • 玻璃钢地沟盖板生产厂家
  • 玻璃钢地沟盖板

  The FRP trench cover is specially designed for laying trenches, mainly using its high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, insulation and flame retardant properties. The glass fiber reinforced plastic groove cover is a kind of plate-shaped material with many spaces, which is made of glass fiber as reinforcing material and unsaturated polyester resin as a base. The glass fiber reinforced plastic groove cover can be used as a structural material. Used as a corrosive environment for floors, trench covers, platforms, ship decks, stairs, plank roads, etc.
  FRP trench cover application scenario
  Water treatment: overhaul aisle, gutter cover, large container, washer, trash rack, flow tank, biochemical water treatment tank hanger, ventilation window, stairs, cooling tower console
  Chemical plant: stair raft, operating platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover, grating
  Petroleum industry: offshore oil platform textile factory: replacing metal grid, wooden platform and covering cement floor, bleaching and dyeing tank, floor, near the valve and other power plants: chemical water workshop trench cover, wastewater pool, etc.
  FRP trench cover
  Metal surface treatment: pickling place, replacement of wooden floor around machine, high corrosive container, plating line walkway, double floor
  Marine food processing plant: harsh environment such as slippery surface, on board
  Transportation: platform, ship deck, walkway, stair seesaw
  Beverage industry: stair rafts, replacement of expensive stainless steel, loaded floors, pulp and processing plants; stair rafts and slabs, floor walkways, places with high humidity
  Electronics industry: trench cover, pickling workshop, anti-static (anti-static grille) and high cleanliness workshop meat
  Processing plants: easy to corrode the ground, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair rafts Other: corrosion-resistant shelves, decoration, square fountains, scaffolding, civil building facilities, aquaculture fences and double floors.
  Operating platform: Many chemical plants have a large number of operating platforms, using FRP grating as the operating platform for paving materials, corrosion-resistant, no paint, no maintenance, long service life, can be used for fifteen to twenty years.
        Glass steel trench cover manufacturing method
  The FRP groove cover is made of a molding process with a number of regularly distributed rectangular and square-shaped FRP sheets, which have two-way homogenous mechanical characteristics. Can be widely used in petroleum, chemical electronics, power, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, marine exploration, sewage treatment and other industries, such as work platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms, walkways, etc., is an ideal product in a corrosive environment, but also suitable for Civil construction
  On the facility. This series of products are: crescent face, sand face, double plane, flat grille and so on.
  GRP groove cover has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, strong anti-slip, no magnetic insulation, beautiful color, easy to clean and easy to install. Widely used in petrochemical, light industry metallurgy, food brewing, energy and power, sewage treatment and other industries, is the most ideal replacement for traditional metal grille.
        FRP trench cover machining
  Cutting of GRP groove cover
  According to the size and installation requirements, the grid is reasonably cut and processed for maximum economic benefit without affecting the intrinsic performance of the grid. The cut end face needs to be coated with a resin to ensure that its corrosion resistance is not affected.
  A. Cutting:
  Straight line cutting: The FRP groove cover can be cut on site using a ceramic disc or a diamond disc cutter, or even a common steel saw blade.
  Curve cutting: Arc cutting such as grille opening and arc cutting can be done by electric saw or hacksaw with metal cutting blades.
  B. Drilling: Holes of 12mm or more can be drilled with ordinary drilling machine twist drills. The machined holes can be drilled using hand-held electric hole machining tools or general hand drills.
  C. Grinding: Grinding can be done with a hand-held angle to a sander, grinder, common enamel and sandpaper.
  Note: a. This material cannot be turned and tapped. b. Arbitrary cutting will not change the mechanical properties of the grid, and will not cause loose shelves and other consequences.
  2. Safety measures: Before cutting, operators should wear protective glasses and masks to prevent objects from splashing into the eyes and reduce dust inhalation; wear gloves and overalls to prevent dust from entering the skin and allergies; choose a well-ventilated, brightly lit place to cut Check that all power tools are in good condition and safe before cutting.