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FRP grating cover

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  The FRP grating cover is a layer of FRP cover on the grid plate. The main difference between it and the FRP grating plate is reflected in the appearance. The FRP grating plate is mesh-shaped hollow, while the FRP grating cover plate is a cover plate added on the basis of the FRP grating plate. Type.
  FRP grating cover performance
  With the addition of a layer of FRP cover, the performance has been improved.
  1. The strength and carrying capacity should be superior, and a level should be upgraded on the previous basis.
  2, wear resistance and corrosion resistance have also improved, the service life is longer than the average grid plate.
  3. The anti-slip performance is superior to the grid plate because the contact area of the FRP grating cover is larger than that of the grid plate.
  Performance has improved to some extent, but there are also some shortcomings. One of the most obvious defects is that the FRP grating cover needs to be put into use as soon as possible after it is finished, and it cannot be put on hold for a long time. Moreover, when it is used, it needs to be cut and then installed. The reason is that the cover plate and the grid plate on the surface of the grille cover that is left for a long time are easily separated, so it is a reasonable solution to make a reasonable cutting before putting into use and installing as soon as possible after the completion of the production.