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FRP trough cable bridge

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  The trough type FRP bridge is a fully enclosed FRP bridge, which is composed of FRP, flame retardant and other materials. It is pressed by composite moulding material and stainless steel shielding net. It is suitable for laying control cables of computer, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other high sensitive systems. It has good effect on shielding interference of control cables and protection of cables in heavy corrosion environment. Galvanizing is used for surface treatment when groove through shielding is considered.
  Introduction and Advantage of Trough FRP Bridge Frame
  It can be laid overhead with process pipelines, hoisted under floors and beams, side-mounted on indoor and outdoor walls, column walls, tunnels and cable trench walls, and installed on open-air columns or piers. When large multi-storey bridge frame is hoisted, I-shaped steel columns should be laid symmetrically on both sides as far as possible. BHQ series FRP bridge frame can be laid horizontally and vertically, and can be rotated, T-shaped, cross-shaped branches; it can be adjusted for width, height and diameter.
  Cable bridge is a kind of cable laying device which makes the laying of wires, cables and pipelines reach standardization, serialization and generalization.
  FRP bridge is suitable for laying power cables with voltage below 10 KV, control cables, lighting wiring, pneumatic and hydraulic cables, indoor and outdoor overhead cable trenches and tunnels.
  FRP bridge has the characteristics of wide application, high strength, light weight, reasonable structure, low cost, long service life, strong anti-corrosion, simple construction, flexible wiring, standard installation and beautiful appearance. It brings convenience to the technical transformation, expansion of charging cables and maintenance and repair of your place. The installation of BHQ series FRP bridge frame can be adapted to local conditions.