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Bolted composite cable bracket

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  • 螺栓式复合电缆支架1
  • 螺栓式复合电缆支架2

  Bolt-type composite cable bracket is an electrical equipment, that is, a bolt-type composite cable bracket, which uses high-end resin-glass fiber SMC composite material as the base material and is formed by high-temperature compaction. Its base beam is fixed to the cable trench wall by bolts at the later stage of construction. The supporting beam surface is designed with a groove for placing cables, and the beam end is provided with a flying eave to prevent the cable from sliding out.
  Introduction and Advantage of Bolted Composite Cable Support
  Bolted composite cable bracket has the advantages of high strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, fire prevention, non-creep, no reflux, simple construction, convenient maintenance and outstanding cost performance.
  1. Electrical insulation performance can be adjusted on demand. Electrical insulation type, insulation resistance greater than 1000G_, antistatic type, surface resistance less than 10G_.
  2. Oxygen index in fire protection performance of products is more than or equal to 70%.
  3. The static load of the product can reach 200-400 KG, which can be customized on demand.
  4. Strong product design ability, customize all kinds of special-shaped products on demand. It is used in power grid engineering, communication engineering, chemical cable trench, metro tunnel and other fields.